Source code for asteroid.models.dprnn_tasnet

from ..filterbanks import make_enc_dec
from ..masknn import DPRNN
from .base_models import BaseTasNet

[docs]class DPRNNTasNet(BaseTasNet): """ DPRNN separation model, as described in [1]. Args: n_src (int): Number of masks to estimate. out_chan (int or None): Number of bins in the estimated masks. Defaults to `in_chan`. bn_chan (int): Number of channels after the bottleneck. Defaults to 128. hid_size (int): Number of neurons in the RNNs cell state. Defaults to 128. chunk_size (int): window size of overlap and add processing. Defaults to 100. hop_size (int or None): hop size (stride) of overlap and add processing. Default to `chunk_size // 2` (50% overlap). n_repeats (int): Number of repeats. Defaults to 6. norm_type (str, optional): Type of normalization to use. To choose from - ``'gLN'``: global Layernorm - ``'cLN'``: channelwise Layernorm mask_act (str, optional): Which non-linear function to generate mask. bidirectional (bool, optional): True for bidirectional Inter-Chunk RNN (Intra-Chunk is always bidirectional). rnn_type (str, optional): Type of RNN used. Choose between ``'RNN'``, ``'LSTM'`` and ``'GRU'``. num_layers (int, optional): Number of layers in each RNN. dropout (float, optional): Dropout ratio, must be in [0,1]. in_chan (int, optional): Number of input channels, should be equal to n_filters. fb_name (str, className): Filterbank family from which to make encoder and decoder. To choose among [``'free'``, ``'analytic_free'``, ``'param_sinc'``, ``'stft'``]. n_filters (int): Number of filters / Input dimension of the masker net. kernel_size (int): Length of the filters. stride (int, optional): Stride of the convolution. If None (default), set to ``kernel_size // 2``. **fb_kwargs (dict): Additional kwards to pass to the filterbank creation. References: [1] "Dual-path RNN: efficient long sequence modeling for time-domain single-channel speech separation", Yi Luo, Zhuo Chen and Takuya Yoshioka. """ def __init__( self, n_src, out_chan=None, bn_chan=128, hid_size=128, chunk_size=100, hop_size=None, n_repeats=6, norm_type="gLN", mask_act="sigmoid", bidirectional=True, rnn_type="LSTM", num_layers=1, dropout=0, in_chan=None, fb_name="free", kernel_size=16, n_filters=64, stride=8, encoder_activation="relu", **fb_kwargs, ): encoder, decoder = make_enc_dec( fb_name, kernel_size=kernel_size, n_filters=n_filters, stride=stride, **fb_kwargs ) n_feats = encoder.n_feats_out if in_chan is not None: assert in_chan == n_feats, ( "Number of filterbank output channels" " and number of input channels should " "be the same. Received " f"{n_feats} and {in_chan}" ) # Update in_chan masker = DPRNN( n_feats, n_src, out_chan=out_chan, bn_chan=bn_chan, hid_size=hid_size, chunk_size=chunk_size, hop_size=hop_size, n_repeats=n_repeats, norm_type=norm_type, mask_act=mask_act, bidirectional=bidirectional, rnn_type=rnn_type, num_layers=num_layers, dropout=dropout, ) super().__init__(encoder, masker, decoder, encoder_activation=encoder_activation)
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