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from torch_stoi import NegSTOILoss as _NegSTOILoss

[docs]class NegSTOILoss(_NegSTOILoss): """ Negated Short Term Objective Intelligibility (STOI) metric, to be used as a loss function. Inspired from [1, 2, 3] but not exactly the same : cannot be used as the STOI metric directly (use pystoi instead). See Notes. Args: sample_rate (int): sample rate of the audio files use_vad (bool): Whether to use simple VAD (see Notes) extended (bool): Whether to compute extended version [3]. Shapes: (time,) --> (1, ) (batch, time) --> (batch, ) (batch, n_src, time) --> (batch, n_src) Returns: torch.Tensor of shape (batch, *, ), only the time dimension has been reduced. .. warnings:: This function cannot be used to compute the "real" STOI metric as we applied some changes to speed-up loss computation. See Notes section. .. note:: In the NumPy version, some kind of simple VAD was used to remove the silent frames before chunking the signal into short-term envelope vectors. We don't do the same here because removing frames in a batch is cumbersome and inefficient. If `use_vad` is set to True, instead we detect the silent frames and keep a mask tensor. At the end, the normalized correlation of short-term envelope vectors is masked using this mask (unfolded) and the mean is computed taking the mask values into account. Examples: >>> import torch >>> from asteroid.losses import PITLossWrapper >>> targets = torch.randn(10, 2, 32000) >>> est_targets = torch.randn(10, 2, 32000) >>> loss_func = PITLossWrapper(NegSTOILoss(sample_rate=8000), pit_from='pw_pt') >>> loss = loss_func(est_targets, targets) References [1] C.H.Taal, R.C.Hendriks, R.Heusdens, J.Jensen 'A Short-Time Objective Intelligibility Measure for Time-Frequency Weighted Noisy Speech', ICASSP 2010, Texas, Dallas. [2] C.H.Taal, R.C.Hendriks, R.Heusdens, J.Jensen 'An Algorithm for Intelligibility Prediction of Time-Frequency Weighted Noisy Speech', IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 2011. [3] Jesper Jensen and Cees H. Taal, 'An Algorithm for Predicting the Intelligibility of Speech Masked by Modulated Noise Maskers', IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2016. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
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